What is the value of the property in am trying to protect?
There’s little point in spending a fortune on a padlock to protect something that’s cheap and easily replaced. On the other hand, something of high intrinsic or cash value will warrant greater protection. Make sure you have a good idea of the value of the property – the average garden shed contains £2000 worth of equipment which comes as a surprise to many.
How much should i spend on a padlock?
Just Padlocks recommend between 1-5% of the value of the property Padlocks are an effective deterrent and first line of defence however property of higher value may warrant additional security.
How Vulnerable is the Property?
If your property is in a high crime area or if the location would give a thief plenty of time to overcome a lock then you will need a higher level of security possible a CEN Grade padlock.
How Much Guarantee do i have with Padlocks?
We Guarantee all Padlocks from the date of purchase for 2 Years, 12 months from the Manufacturers and an additional 12 Months we add as part of Just Padlocks Commitment to Quality and Service, some Padlocks have a 5 Years warranty and a Salt Test Cert.
Can i return the padlocks if they are unsuitable?
Just Padlocks accept Padlocks as a return within a 30 day period providing the padlocks have not been used, are still in any original packaging undamaged and have not been Keyed Alike or Master-keyed as a special order from ourselves or the Manufacturer, we may still be able to help with any issues or problems with Mis-orders or Mistakes we are only Human after all, you can chat to one of our friendly advisers who will do their best to help.

What is the Padlock attached to?
Security is only as strong as its weakest link. If the padlock is fixed to a hasp & staple or chain, make sure they are of similar security ratings otherwise your security will be compromised. It may seem obvious but securing something like a garden gate that is easily climbed over or flimsy enough to break doesn’t warrant spending on an expensive high security padlock.
Is the Padlock likely to be used in a Harsh Environment?
Locking a cupboard in a house is a different proposition to locking a sailing boat moored in a salt water harbour. In the latter case you need a product made from corrosion resistant material like brass or stainless steel, or even a vinyl coated harsh environment padlock depending on the degree of shelter available.
Can i have all the Padlocks on one Key or on a Masterkey if i require a suite of Padlocks?
Many padlocks are available keyed alike which allows a number of padlocks to be opened with the same key. This avoids the need to carry a huge bunch of keys around. If this is an issue and you require further assistance then talk to one of our Technical Team, there are many options on the website Keyed Alike and Master-keyed from stock, we can build specific padlocks in our workshop with different levels of Access and Security with Restricted or Registered Keys to maintain the integrity of the padlock.
Can i add additional padlocks or other Locking devices to operate in conjunction with the Padlock?
We can build suites of padlocks with expansion in mind, there is the facility to add other Locks to the suite with no compromise in the level of security required many locks can be dis-assembled for Maintenance and re-keying avoiding the need to replace the Padlocks, please speak to one of Just Padlocks advisers for specification and prices.
Price Match- Price Promise?
We are happy to match or even Beat a competitors quotation all we ask is you have a genuine quote and the products are available and in stock for dispatch as ours are, Just Padlocks offer some of the lowest prices online, we will do our best to win your Business and offer Excellent service from our Locksmiths who are online to Chat over prices with you.
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